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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Add or Reduce Filesystem size in AIX

In AIX operating systems we can change the FS size whenever we want it to do but for that we need to check that the Volume Group associated to that FS have Free space or Free PP's.

Steps to Change FS size :-

We are adding 2g Space in /home FS . PFB steps :-

1. Check that the Volume Group have free space available :-

We can see that Free PP's are only 896 MB. We have to free some space from available FS in the Volume Group.

2. Free some space from other FS in this Volume Group so that we can add 2g space in /home partition.
This can be done by CHFS command.

3. Now check Free PP's in the Volume group :-

We can see that around 3g space is availabe in rootvg. Now add 2g space in /home partition using CHFS command.

2 gb space has been added to /home partition.

I hope this article helped you.

Amit Rath

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